THE 72 HOUR AMBULATORY EEG TEST WITH VIDEO MONITORING An in-home neurological test monitoring continuous brain waves for 72 hours, looking for abnormal activity. Includes video monitoring. AMBULATORY EEG IN-HOME TESTING Ditch the hospital admission and enjoy the comfort of sleeping in your own bed during testing. MEDICALLY NECESSARY Eligible patients for undergoing Ambulatory EEG testing have experienced symptoms such as Disorientation, Fainting, Memory Loss, Seizures and more.

72 Hour Ambulatory EEG Testing

What is an Ambulatory EEG Test?

The Ambulatory EEG Test (AEEG) is used to evaluate brain activity. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. By tracking this brain wave activity and correlating the brain wave activity with video, detection of potential medical conditions is possible. Services.

Neuro-diagnostic Testing: What We Believe

NeuLine Health believes that neuro-diagnostic testing plays a significant role in preventative care, placing medical necessity and healthcare compliance as a top-priority. What We Believe.