Ambulatory EEG with Video

An Ambulatory EEG with Video Test allows the patient to be monitored for up to 72 hours in their own home.  The Ambulatory EEG with Video Test records both brainwaves and video at the same time. This allows the physician to see what is happening when the patient has a seizure or event and compare the picture to the EEG recording. Sounds that occur during the testing are also recorded so that the interpreting neurologist can tell if the seizure or event was related to the electrical activity in the brain.

Routine EEG

A routine electroencephalogram (REEG) is a diagnostic test that detects electrical activity in your brain using electrodes attached to your scalp. Your brain cells communicate via electrical impulses always active, even when you’re asleep. The electrical activity is then displayed on a graph as an EEG recording. The most common type of EEG test is called a Routine EEG; the test itself is 20 to 40 minutes in length and is typically done in a physician’s office.

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